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Laser technology

LaserTrack Flare makes driving even more comfortable

Do you like your car to offer comfort? And do you, as a sporty driver, like to enjoy the available horsepower carefree? Then LaserTrack Flare is the ideal multifunctional remote control for you. Using the latest laser technology of LaserTrack Flare you can open your automatic garage door or garden gate from a distance. Or allow your outside lighting to turn on automatically. A comfortable additional benefit: the advanced electronics of LaserTrack Flare also recognises the signals of police laser guns and prevents speed readings.*

Increasingly more laser speed traps

Traffic is a worldwide hot issue, which it should be. Governments use various ways in this day and age to check the drivers’ speed. For instance Average Speed Cameras(SPECS), mobile- and fixed radar speed traps and unmarked video cars are being used. Lately the police have increased the use of laser speed guns for speed enforcement. Undoubtedly you have seen a policeman standing next to the road, ‘armed’ with a laser gun. Perhaps you have even been stopped and treated to a significant fine.

LaserTrack Flare: unique all-in-one laser product

With over 20 years of experience in the field on advanced laser technology and in cooperation with leading optical specialists, we have developed a very powerful and compact all-in-one product: LaserTrack Flare. In this highly innovative system transmitter and receiver were placed in one housing. The unique LaserTrack Flare is not only the most powerful of its kind, but offers many more distinctive advantages.

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