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Below we guide you through the procedure to update the firmware on your LaserTrack.

  1. Click "Download firmware".
  2. Your new firmware is saved with filename [your reference] in the download folder on your PC or Mac.
  3. Copy this file to the "Firmware" folder of your LaserTrack SD card.
  4. Switch off the ignition of the car. This will also switch off your LaserTrack.
  5. Insert the SD card supplied into the SD card slot of your LaserTrack.
  6. Switch on the ignition of the car: LaserTrack will be switched on.
  7. Your LaserTrack now copies the new firmware from the SD card: the led on the display fades from green to white.
  8. After one or more sound signals, the led turns green or blue: the new firmware has been successfully saved.
  9. Switch off the ignition and remove the SD card from your LaserTrack SD card slot.